Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

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Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021
Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021
Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

Wooden Flooring Dubai- Classic choice for your home floor 

It’s 2020, and you know what it means? Now is the time to look at the next year’s patterns!

Wooden flooring Dubai plays a vital role to give a room a very classy and traditional look. With the arrival of a lot of wood-look flooring options, choices will also be made for other wood floor styles.

If you want a classic with modern technology, then it is the best option to go on. In 2020, the trend matters a lot, so we floor Dubai is happily willing to give you enormous styles and textures with different sizes and colors. It ensures to make your floor long-lasting and durable for a long time. It is one time best solution, and you don’t have to change it after a few years.

We try to keep things exciting and up to date in our wooden Flooring Dubai so you won’t get bored with it. We give you an array of different stylish and finishes so it could suit your requirements.

The main feature of wood flooring is that it can sand down and refinish it by prolonging your wood floor life. You can use it in your schools, homes, cafes, industrial buildings, cafes, restaurants, and other residential floor leveling.

Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

Modern & update Wooden flooring texture

To modify and remodel your floor leveling, we provide you the different textures of wooden flooring Dubai so you could select the best one to give a finishing touch. These textures are:

  • Old wooden texture
  • Whitewood pattern and texture for background
  • Dark wood texture surfaces
  • Light wooden floor background
  • Pinewood texture
  • Black wooden, old wooden plank texture
  • Natural wooden background

Types of wooden floors that add a chic look & stunning background 

Everyone wants to make a look decent and traditional with the inner interior and spend a lot of money to save such antique styles for the year. So to give comfort and satisfaction to customers, we offer a massive collection of wooden flooring Dubai.

As you can see, we provide the warmth & texture comfort, whether it’s modern laminate, reclaimed hardwood, faux, and 100% natural wooden flooring. We are a popular choice for homeowners. So you can count on us for your décor. We carefully provide you the different types of wood floors by considering its pros and cons. These types are:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Engineered wood flooring
  • Solid wood flooring
  • Reclaimed wood flooring
  • Parquet flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Wood effect tiles
  • Cork flooring
  •  Gym flooring
  • Timber flooring

Featured applications of wooden Flooring 

If you want to give a luxurious look to your home interior, you can choose our wooden Flooring Dubai as it has many featured applications. Below are mentioned a few of them:

  •  Long-lasting 

 The Flooring we provide contains good quality and strong and durable, so you don’t have to replace it like other floorings such as carpeting after few years due to stains, wear and tear, and holes.

  •  Easy to clean 

It is effortless to clean and maintain it while compared to other flooring options. You can clean it with the help of a light vacuum, brush or a damp mop

  •  More hygienic and healthier 

If you see with the health point of view, it is safe to use wood flooring rather than other floors as it attracts less to dust and non-electromagnetic nature and organic origin. Even doctors all over the world recommend it to install in your homes.

  •  Suitable for every budget owner 

As wood is a natural fabric, every budget owner, such as middle to wealthy, can claim it for homes to install.

  •  Acts as a medium for underfloor heating

It is one of the reliable and authentic option to use it as an insulator against heat. As it absorbs underfloor heat and makes your floor relaxed and comfortable for foot traffic.

  • Cost friendly 

 We provide you the better air quality wood flooring within a budget so you can ultimately save your money. There is no extra cost waste on maintenance and care of these floors.

  • No color fading problem  

 One of the best advantages of Flooring is that it doesn’t lose its color& look fresh and pristine for a longer time.

  •  Improves acoustics 

It helps to improve your room acoustics. Due to this nature, most of the music halls and dancing studios install hardwood flooring. Moreover, it could help to give benefit to in-home noise.

Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021
Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Wooden Flooring 2021

The installation process of wooden Flooring 

Our expert team installs the wooden flooring Dubai leveling at your place. The installation process is:

  • This is also a smart idea to bring together your receipt with one end-mark.
  •         Should not mount wooden boards with broken edges, corners, or fasteners.
  •         We recommend that during deployment, the panels be mixed from different packages.
  •         The cycle must be performed unopened and stored in a wall-free place.
  •         And before deployment flooring. It is recommended to keep them for a minimum of 48 hours at average room temperatures (15-20 ° C / 59-65 ° F) and relative humidity between 25-85% before deployment.
  •  Ensure that the underfloor is smooth and that any loose sections are clamped down
  •  Approximately 1 m straight, ensure that no irregularity exceeds 2 mm
  •  Ensure that the PE-foil overlaps at least 200 mm
  •  Wood flooring must not be fitted to regular wet space or to floor drainage rooms.
  •  Pre-installation under-floors such as concrete must be dry enough (< 2.5% CM / 75% RH) before installation.
  •  Plan the board installation direction carefully before starting. Installation parallel to the input light is usually recommended. We would add parallel the long walls if the space is long and narrow as in a corridor.

Best wooden flooring Supplier in Dubai 

As we deliver our service at the doorstep with zero charges where our experienced team suggest you with the best flooring options. So we are a leading company and the best wooden flooring shop in Dubai. Our wooden Flooring Dubai is available in a different range of designs and patterns and a lot of colors.

Why choose us? 

 At Floor Dubai, We present you with an extensive & best collection of wooden flooring Dubai. With the range from the typical straight lay patterns and textures.

We are experienced in all types of flooring solutions, as well as provide custom designs and measurements to the customer’s specifications. So get in touch by contacting us!

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