Trendy Floor Dubai designs of Cork Flooring 2021

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Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021
Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021
Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Get the ideal Cork Flooring equivalent of style, comfort, and durability from us!

Are you thinking of installing ever- warm and comfortable floor with children’s safety concern & durability? Then cork flooring is the best choice for your home’s flooring. We deliver the highest quality cork floors with incredible properties for this reason & help change the look of your home and office for the perfect one! In Dubai, there are only companies that sell cork flooring, and we are one of the best sellers that consider quality with quantity. The cork we use in our flooring comes from a very sustainable combing ecology with modern tech and manufacturers in a healthy environment without any kind of waste product.

The featured applications are water-resistant, crushing resistant, and a beautiful aesthetic look that helps to create a fresh look and classic atmosphere with multi-dimensional features of comfort and health measures. It will definitely  meet your expectations as it has a low thermal conductivity that does not lose or absorb heat, which means your home is safe from excessive cold and discomfort when you walk barefoot.

So if you want to put cork tiles on the board, save on heating more. Along with this, it is ideal for those who are suffering from back and leg problems as it alternatives the shock when you walk on the floor. So make up your mind to buy it if you want an aesthetic look with such qualities as we provide it in different sizes and colors.

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Types of Cork Flooring

Our cork flooring Dubai has two main types that make your home floor the classic and traditional look within budget.

  • Solid cork tiles
  • Cork planks

Solid cork tiles 

We give you the flooring option that is traditional and designed with the help of glue- down application.

Cork planks 

This is a laminated product that we prepare with compressed cork bottom layer and includes a high-density fiberboard medium density cork. Moreover, the top decorative layer of cork is the best part of it.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

 We floor Dubai help give you the much more benefits as we can because your satisfaction is our primary key, so we try to please you with best quality cork flooring Dubai with the benefits:


As you know, cork is a natural product that gives your interior warmth and comfort. There are almost over 40 million cushions cells per cm3. So we offer you the natural sound and thermal insulator in our flooring. It is wonderful, quiet, and comfortable for underfoot. It feels delightful to touch, so it is the best choice for you.


Cork floors are resistant to bacteria and fungus and free of dust. So it is best for those who are allergic to dust and have a considerable risk of asthma. The finishing products and adhesives we use in our flooring are free of formaldehyde and volatile organic compound emissions that are impossible to detect easily.

Durability and easy maintenance

We utilize propelled covering innovation to make our plug flooring an exceptionally surprising safe and dependable defender of the floor, even on account of high traffic.

Due to its unique feature, it requires less minimal maintenance that is best for your budget.

Naturally sustainable alternative

The cork we use in the manufacture is extracted with 3 to 5 times more carbon from cork fixations. So it impacts less on the environment and perfect suit for environment-friendly, sustainable, and renewable materials.

Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021
Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021
Trendy Cork Flooring Dubai designs 2021

Installation method of Cork Flooring Dubai 

We never compromise on quality, so its duty to install the cork flooring at your home with no additional charges. We are a name of trust and quality, so you can consider us the best for your space. Our installation method has the following steps that are:

  • First, prepare the floor before lay down your cork flooring on the ground basis. Then install the underlayment of foam on the floor properly.
  • As you know, we give you the different underlayment thicknesses with varying levels of cushions you are looking for in your flooring. As the purpose is to make the height of the floor in your particular room.
  • Leave it for a couple of days to dry so it could easily adjust with the room environment before installation.
  • Then measure the dimensions with the help of tape and note the expansion gap along the perimeter in the installation room to enhance the humid feature.
  • Then get the moisture barrier to cover your room basement concrete floors and top it with the help of moisture-resistant underlayment.
  • Now install it one by one with the same process and leave for a few days for proper adjustments.

Best Cork flooring shop in Dubai 

As the leading company and supplier, we floor Dubai is the best cork flooring shop in Dubai that gives you the desire needs of your flooring within different sizes and colors. We have an extensive collection of different textures, patterns ad types of flooring that make us unique across the UAE. We supply all our products with a free delivery contract.

Why choose us?

 Floor Dubai brings the best cork flooring option for its customers by keeping in mind the needs of your space and budget. Our experienced team members satisfy your requirements and provide you the best possible options for your flooring. They guide you properly after examine your space and interior for a better result and lovely looking area. So get in touch with us today and buy it with confidence.

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